Basic Early Education

Our Basic Early Education Grants program is dedicated to providing support to underserved communities in developing countries, …
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Disability Family Support

Our Disability Family Support Grants program is designed to provide support to families with disabilities in underserved communities in …
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Basic Primary Health Care

Access to quality healthcare is essential for good health outcomes. Our Basic Primary Health Care Grants program provides financial …
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Basic Clean Water Provision

Access to clean water is crucial for good health. We provide financial support for the installation of clean water systems, maintenance of …
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We Engage Communities By:

🟢 Conducting community diagnosis

🟢 Helping communities set community priorities

🟢 Helping communities form project committees

🟢 Partnering with community project committees for the completion and monitoring of projects and programs

🟢 Evaluating the project/program implementations

🟢 Conducting studies on the impact of the project/programs on health outcome of the population in the communities.